Rusty Gaits AGM

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16 @ The Knights of Columbus (downstairs)

You are welcome to attend the AGM and voice your opinion on club matters for 2019. Do you have a great idea to share or a concern to discuss with the directors? Now is the time to make changes! We always need more volunteers. Are you able to help with announcing, work bees, ring crew etc? Would you like to be a director? Is it your turn? Are you ready? It does NOT take a much time but it does take commitment and effort.

1. Call to order
2. Attendance
3. Review and approval of 2018 AGM minutes
4. Financial Report
5. Committee Reports
6. Elections of 2019 Executive and Directors
7. New Business
8. Adjournment
2019 Membership fees must be paid in order to vote so please arrive early – it is one less thing to do at the first show!