We run under the rules of the Mid-Western Horsemens’ Society (MWHS), and while we generally follow their rules, we have a few by-laws of our own.

Click here for a copy of the MWHS Rules.

MWHS Website

**Please be aware of some of the rule changes and clarifications from MWHS as we follow their rules.

1. Pony height increases to 13.2 which also means Jr. A horses must be over 13.2.

2. Add to Lead Line rule that one hand is to be used when riding with a curb bit, two hands are to be used with a snaffle or bosal regardless of the age of the horse.

3.  All Performance classes are to use split reins, one hand with a curb bit and two hands with a snaffle or bosal.


Additional Rusty Gaits Bylaws:

  • Family Membership consists of no more than 2 adults, and children under 18, who reside in the same house
  • All competitors must be a RGSC member or hold a Day Pass for insurance purposes
  • Show Day Pass $10
  • Reining Pattern #5/Ranch Riding Pattern #1/Western Riding Pattern #1
  • Classes requiring set up with less than 3 entries will not be held.
  • Leadline age 8 and under
  • Use chute for games classes
  • All classes in each division count for Overall awards ie. All Adult Games classes count for Overall High Point Games
  • Year End points are calculated on the best 4 out of 5 shows
  • To be eligible for year end awards, exhibitors must show in at least 3 RGSC shows
  • No minors to be left unattended on the show grounds

Beginner Division: The entry fee will be the same as the regular class and it will be run concurrently with the regular class. Beginner criteria: assisted riders will be allowed 1 year then unassisted for 1 year. At the end of the 2 years, the rider will move into the regular Jr B, Jr A or Adult division.

Rusty Gaits Class List (Download PDF)